Andy Morgan — 60-Second Bio

Hi, I’m Andy. I’m from Birmingham in the UK but have spent most of my adult life in Japan.

I am a nutrition and training coach and author. I founded Ripped Body and Athlete Body, two online businesses that help high-performing professionals achieve dramatic physique transformations without the process taking over their lives.

My mission is to change the fitness industry for the better.

For the majority of my 20s, I fell for the scams of the fitness industry. I started blogging in English and Japanese, and since 2011 I’ve written nutrition and training guides, helping readers avoid the same path of frustration.

Our English site,, has 50,000 monthly readers, and I’ve had the honor of helping over 2,000 entrepreneurs and executives transform their bodies in ways they didn’t think possible. I’ve written four books, two are international bestsellers translated into five languages.

Real food, serious lifting, and consistency are all you need to achieve dramatic physique transformation. I know my industry can be a daunting place. If you’re ever feeling stuck, I’d be honored to be your guide. (See The Ripped Body Method)

Our Japanese site,, is widely considered to be Japan’s most trusted fitness resource. Language should not be a barrier to high-quality, honest information — we help bridge the gap with our articles and books. We were the first to offer online physique coaching in Japan and we specialize in working with physique competitors and bodybuilders.

In 2019, we translated Starting Strength (English/Japanese). In 2021 and 2022, we translated and published The Muscle and Strength Pyramid Nutrition (English/Japanese) and Training (English/Japanese) books, becoming #1 bestsellers. In 2024, we launched the Japanese version of the diet coaching app, MacroFactor (English/Japanese).

Why Japan and Why Fitness?

I can identify three defining moments in my life that lead me to this point:

  1. Getting hit in the head with a glass bottle when I was 15.
  2. Volunteering in Calcutta, India, for three months when I was 19.
  3. Realizing the fitness industry was full of shit when I was 27.

The first led me to start karate classes, the second gave me a thirst to explore the world, and the combination of the two resulted in me boarding a plane to Japan after graduating, for lack of any better ideas on what to do. The third led me to start a little fitness blog to fight against the industry nonsense.

Business and Life Philosophy

I actively surround myself with high achievers — they inspire me to do/be better.

Giving first while expecting nothing in return has been the source of the most meaningful connections in my life.

I do one thing each day to make someone else’s day and leave places better than how I found them.

The Muscle and Strength Pyramid books physical copies
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